People like tickets, but don't like waiting in line

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Jo Events, short to Jordan Events, is my graduation project, developed using Ruby on Rails.
It distributes event tickets online, lets say you have an event and you want to distribute tickets for, you sign up to the website and create your event, you give it a title, description, you specify the capacity and you set the date and time of the event and ofcourse the location via Google maps.
At the beginning, Jo Event was supposed to handle events in Jordan only, but now I modified it so it can handle events all around the world.
Once you create the event, users can start getting their tickets after logging in/signing up to the website, they pick an event and receive their tickets via email as a QR code generated using Google's API.
Jo Events also has an Android mobile application which operates as a ticket holder or a ticket scanner depending on the credentials entered by the user.
In order to use the mobile application you must first install zxing application since it depends on it to operate.

Authors and Contributors

Author: @MRifat
Contributors: @aqabawe, @UNaruto1990,